Studio Revy

Face & Body Art


Have you ever wondered how art started? Art exists all around us... through nature, people colors, music, fragrances, textures, dreams and so much more. It's not something that's produced, but more of a creative evolution, something that produces a change both in myself and the clients I serve. In all my years of creating art, music or just sharing a smile, I have yet to step away and not look at the world in a new way. 

The human body is the ultimate form of art with so many wonderful unique shapes, colors, personalities and rhythms. From the moment I picked up my first paintbrush to the moment I began face and body painting, I found that my imaginations or life that surrounded me could become colorful expressions of life and be shared with others. To me face and body painting is like poetry, music, entertainment and fine art all wrapped up into a living breathing soulful canvas. When you see my photos, I think you'll agree.

I fell into the world of face and body art unexpectantly, but when the opportunity presented itself to learn a new art form I was instantly hooked.  With the world's best artists teaching & inspiring this new artful passion, I see everyone as a beautiful canvas just waiting to come to life with the power of ART!


My philosophy is simple: Art is everywhere and everyone deserves to have a little bit of color splashed into their lives so why not get painted!  Hire me, and you'll never see the world the same again.